Paper Towel Making Machine

Application:Salad Bowl Lids,Coffee Cup Lids,Ice Cream Lids,ect.
Lid Min Dia.:40-100mm
Max Speed:70-100pcs/min

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Paper towel making machine is a tissue paper roll rewinding machine. It is a very important piece of equipment in the tissue paper making and processing process. The kitchen roll making machine passes two or three sets of jumbo rolls through two sets of embossing rollers to form point-to-point double-sided embossed rollers, and rolls them into strips at the same time. Then, it is cut into the required specifications by a paper cutter.

Paper Towel Maxi Roll Machine Parameters

Machine Type 5T 7T 10T 14T
Raw Paper Width 1050mm 1500mm 2000mm 2850mm
Vacuum System 15kw 18.5kw 22kw 50kw
Output Direction Cutting Length 175/180/190/200,others please specity      
Design Speed 0-130m/min(1300sheets/min/lane)      
Guarrante Operatiobn Speed 0-110m/min(1000sheets/min/lane)      
Max Outer Diameter of Raw Paper 1500mm,others please specity      
Backstand 2-6plies      

Advantages Of Paper Towel Machine

  • The paper towel machine uses a special wool paper bottom roller or rubber roller to form a double-sided embossing device with fine dots. The finished paper has a soft feel, clear and beautiful patterns, and is similar to cloth texture.
  • Use the kitchen roll machine with other equipment to process various cored or coreless toilet paper, maxi roll and other paper products.
  • Using PLC technology and HMI control system, each part is driven and controlled independently. The tension is easy to adjust, and the quality control of the finished product is guaranteed.
  • The dough knife adopts a spiral fixed knife structure, which can be freely separated from the folding stick bottom knife to facilitate paper threading and prevent paper jamming from damaging the blade.
  • Automatically complete trimming, glue spraying, sealing, shaft pulling and other actions. There is no paper loss when the roll paper is transferred to the band saw for cutting and packaging, which greatly improves production efficiency.
  • Full automatic paper towel making machine can optionally have double-sided embossing and gluing. Compared with single-sided embossing, it can make the paper softer and the finished product has the same effect on both sides.

Kitchen Towel Materials

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, kitchen paper towels have become an indispensable part of life. Kitchen roll materials include pure wood pulp, bamboo pulp and composite materials. Pure wood pulp paper towels have good water absorption and soft texture, but are more expensive. Bamboo pulp kitchen towels are naturally antibacterial and environmentally friendly, but their water absorbency is slightly less than that of pure wood pulp. The composite maxi roll towel combines water absorption, softness and environmental protection, but the price is relatively high.

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