Automatic Ice Cream Cup Making Machine

Production Capacity.:70-90 cups/min, 90-120cups/min, 120-150cups/min
Supporting Equipment:paper capping machines, paper cup packaging machines

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The ice cream cup making machine produced by BD machine has the performance of high-speed production. Its production capacity is 70-90 cups/min, 90-120cups/min, 120-150cups/min. It is a multi-station ice cream paper cup automatic forming equipment. From raw materials to finished products, one-time molding can be achieved. In addition, BD also provides paper capping machines, paper cup packaging machines and other supporting equipment.

Ice Cream Cup Machine Applicable Industry

The automatic ice cream cup machine can not only produce ice cream paper cups, but also paper tea cups, coffee cups and other paper cups. Therefore, this equipment is widely used in hotels, production workshops, food and beverage processing plants, farms, restaurants, retail industries, food stores, restaurants, others, advertising companies and other fields.

Features Of Ice Cream Cup Making Machine:

  1. Complete the paper cup forming by three turntables three times.
  2. Adopting a desktop design structure, the molding part and the transmission part are isolated.
  3. The forming machine undergoes secondary curling, the first rotating curling, and the second heating and shaping.
  4. The forming strength of the paper cup is improved, the rolled edge is beautiful, and the size is stable.
  5. Adopt PLC control, photoelectric tracking and monitoring, and servo paper feeding.
  6. It can be used to produce 4-16oz cold or hot drink paper cups, and other sizes can be customized according to customer needs.


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