70-90PCS/Min Paper Cup Forming Machine

Application:Salad Bowl Lids,Coffee Cup Lids,Ice Cream Lids,ect.
Lid Min Dia.:40-100mm
Max Speed:70-100pcs/min

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70-90 pcs/min paper cup forming machine is an automatic medium speed paper cup machine. This commercial paper cup machine is a multi-station automatic forming equipment. It can customize 3-16oz single and double coated paper cups according to customer needs. Multiple processes such as automatic paper feeding, sealing, oil filling, bottom filling, heating, knurling, and curling can be completed on one machine. Using this paper cup forming machine, you can produce ice cream cups, coffee cups, beverage cups and other paper cups.

BD-70 Paper Cup Machine Advantages

The BD-70 paper cup machine uses a main motor to drive the entire machine to work, achieving the perfect integration of the chain and cam structure. The inside of the machine is connected by groove wheels, so that the various parts are more closely connected, making it less likely to loosen during machine operation and making the work more precise. It can stably produce paper cups of various specifications. It is a paper cup production equipment independently developed by our company and has undergone comprehensive technical improvements to improve the stability of the whole machine.

70-90PCS/Min Paper Cup Forming Machine Parameters



Production speed

70-90 pcs/min


380V/50hz Three Phase

Paper cup specifications    


Machine package size


Paper stock

160-350g Single and double PE coated paper





Paper raw materials


Characteristics of Commercial Paper Cup Machine

  1. BD-70 makes up for the shortcomings of single-sided coated paper cup forming machines and can produce single-sided and double-sided PE coated paper cups at the same time.
  2. Feed the paper three times and adjust it multiple times to avoid unevenness on both sides of the paper cup.
    BD provides paper cup forming machines of various specifications, which are highly adaptable and can meet the production needs of different customers.
  3. The encoder and light eye control the machine at the same time, and one fan-shaped piece is matched with one cup bottom to avoid waste.
  4. Simplify the process of feeding the bottom paper, avoid turning over in one step, and make the machine run more reasonably and efficiently.

Paper Cup Sample Picture

Things to Pay Attention to When Choosing Machine

  • How to determine the size? Different paper sizes will affect different aspects. When purchasing a paper cup forming machine, you need to provide drawings or samples of BD paper cups.
  • What kind of paper should I buy? Most paper cups are produced using PE coated paper. Generally speaking, double-layer coated paper is used for cold drink cups, and single-layer coated paper is used for hot drink cups. BD paper cup production machine manufacturers recommend using PE coated paper with at least 18g/㎡ on one side and 18/12g/㎡ on both sides.
  • Are there any requirements for a cover? Many beverage cups also require lids during actual use. Therefore, if you have a need for a cup lid, please provide us with the size of the plastic cavity cup lid to achieve the actual capping effect.
  • Should we choose ultrasonic or hot air sealing? When paper is used stably, hot air sealing is generally used to maintain high-speed output and stable performance. If the paper is frequently changed or the paper thickness varies greatly, it is recommended to use ultrasonic.

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