Automatic Raincoat Making Machine

Suitable Raw Materials:Disposable raincoat PP, PVC, etc.
Machine Size:1.2m*1.6*1.6m
Machine Speed:10P/Min

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The raincoat making machine independently developed by BD Machinery can realize automatic buttoning, hole digging, cutting, edge sealing and other processes. The emergence of disposable raincoat machine solves the problems of low production efficiency and high labor cost. The automatic raincoat machine is a fully automatic machine with a simple structure that can effectively improve production efficiency.

Parameters Of Raincoat Making Machine

Running Speed


Machine Size


Machine Weight


Suitable Raw Materials

Disposable raincoat PP, PVC, etc.

Cutting speed


Working Pressure


Heating Power


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Automatic Raincoat Machine Features

  • Intelligent equipment does not require a large amount of manpower and material resources.
  • From materials to finished products, all operations are automated and the production efficiency is high.
  • The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy thickening design, which is of good quality and prolongs the service life.
  • Raw material tension adjustment ensures that the tension of raw materials is balanced to avoid mistakes and reduce waste.
  • Customized production. Raincoats of various sizes can be set, and the material of raincoats can also be set. The components of the raincoat machine are of good quality and reliable quality.

About BD Disposable Raincoat Machine Manufacturer

BD Raincoat machine Manufacturer is a manufacturer and exporter focusing on the production of various types of disposable products equipment. We not only produce raincoat machines, gloves machines, shoe cover machines and other disposable products machines, but also paper converting machines, paper cup machines and other machines. BD machine adheres to the business philosophy of excellence and service first, constantly improving our technical strength and providing solutions for customers. We insist on satisfying customers with quality and impressing customers with service. If you are interested in our disposable raincoat machine, please contact us.

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