High Speed Tissue Paper Napkin Machine

Function: Fold the cut plate paper into napkins
Optional functions: synchronous conveying, automatic paper loading, single-color printing, two-color printing, fork pulling

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The tissue paper napkin machine is used to emboss the cut tissue paper and fold it into square napkins. The napkins produced have the characteristics of clear and bright printing and accurate overprinting. The pattern of napkins can be customized according to customer needs. The napkin folding machine can also be equipped with a printing part and a fork-pull part to realize the printing and fork-pull functions. This equipment is special equipment for processing high-quality and high-end napkins.

Parameters Of Tissue Paper Napkin Machine

Machine Model



Paper Size


The Original Core inner dia


Standard(Other size are available)

Embossing Roller end

Cots,wool roll

Counting System

Electronic Counting










Optional items (need to order)

Automatic paper loading, synchronous conveying, color printing, fork pulling function



Use of power



 6# Chain

High Speed Napkin Folding Machine Features

  1. The napkin folding machine can adopt a variety of folding methods, depending on the user’s choice.
  2. It can be equipped with 1~6 color offset printing according to the requirements.
  3. Level speed regulation and unwinding, overall synchronous operation, with automatic counting.
  4. It can improve the synchronous conveying function, automatic paper loading function, single color printing function, and dual color printing function (need to be customized)
  5. Automatic counting, divided into whole columns, convenient for packaging.
  6. The tissue paper napkin machine uses steel rollers to electrothermal and constant temperature embossing fiber rollers.

Equipped Machine:Napkin Packing Machine

Place the unbagged napkin on the napkin packing machine, set the bag and press the foot switch lightly. The machine will automatically bag the product and fold it to complete the sealing and cutting work. The machine automatically packs bags and folds and seals them, and is easy to operate. Moreover, the sealing incision adopts double temperature control, and machine forming makes the sealing effect more beautiful and square.

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